Kelly Williams for Justice Court Judge

Republican Primary • August 4, 2015


“I will not be an activist judge but rather one who will adhere to the law. I will not make law, but interpret the law in a manner that is consistent with core conservative values, fairness and the constitution. This is the court of common sense and the people of Madison County deserve this approach to the judicial system.”

A Community Leader

  • Practicing Attorney
  • Madison County Resident for more than two decades
  • Received her BA in English from Belhaven College
  • Received her law degree from Mississippi College School of Law in 2006
  • Appointed as a Special Designee five years and has acted in that capacity presiding over abuse and neglect adjudications and delinquent proceedings
  • While acting as a Judge, Kelly has acted in an ethical manner and has exhibited judicial temperament in furtherance of the integrity of the judicial system and in a manner that has served the community as well
  • Kelly holds strong conservative family values and attends church at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Madison where she was a Sunday School Teacher
  • Member of the Madison County Bar Association
  • Member of the Capital Bar Association
  • Supporter of St. Jude Hospital and Blair E. Batson Hospital
  • Active in the American Heart Association

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